About Kings Life Spaces

Many Years Of Experience

M/s Kings Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd.

Ours is a company engaged in carrying out Civil Projects of residential and commercial buildings and is also switching over to one of the new business of Hotel & Resort taken on lease, situated in House no. 1880, Village Bandhanwadi, Panvel- Goa Highway, Near Yusuf Meher Ali Centre, Panvel (Rural), Raigad, Maharashtra - 410 221

M/S Kings Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. has been promoted by Mr. Shreyas Kudalkar aged 28 years who is a qualified Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer having acquired B.E. Degree from University of Mumbai & Done MMS in Finance from Mumbai University. His updated information & knowledge about the beneficiaries available can be made in use for development of Hotel & Resort Industry.

Initially, Mr. Shreyas Deepak Kudalkar started A Nidhi company which is a type of company in the Indian non-banking finance sector, recognized under section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013 by name M/s Kings Life Nidhi Ltd. It has the reputation of cultivating habit of saving into lower class citizens of nation. In fact, it has played a major role in successful implementation of cultivating habit of saving in the city of Greater Mumbai by giving them loan against Insurance Policy.

M/S Kings Life Nidhi Ltd. Incorporated in 2018 and armed with sufficient experience gained in the business of Non-Banking Finance Sector, Mr. Shreyas Kudalkar decided to diversify his business activity and entered Hotel & Industry. In a short span of time, M/s Kings Life Spaces Pvt. Ltd. has achieved great success and have made a Mark of its own in the Hotel & Resort i.e. Hospitality industry.

Above all Mr. Shreyas Kudalkar is local netizen & easily accessible to everyone. He is born in Kurla and staying in Kurla from his birth. Since he has Done MMS in Finance from Mumbai University and he also has his own team independently for hotel & Resort Industry. The company has a well-established office located at B–1, B– Wing Baba Vihar, N. N. Angolimala CHS, S.G. Barve Marg, Nehru Nagar, Kurla (East), Mumbai 400024. and have employed trained and qualified and experienced Work Force for efficiently executing the projects within the time limit agreed upon.

We have no doubt in our mind that looking at our background, you will not hesitate to give us an opportunity for to prove our worth by entrusting Hotel & Resort Industry

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